Allay™ Next

Once upon a time there were three bears...of course everyone knows the Goldilocks dilemma, comfort in bedding is a balancing act. With Allay™ Next we feel we got it “Just Right”. Allay™ offers amazing comfort with a soft, plush feel, and exceptional comfort that comes without compromising support. Allay’s™ unique chemistry starts plush and firms up to match your body type. Even the most comfortable bed can get too hot to sleep. Allay™ Next has that solved too. Allay™ was designed to allow maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Again, that is a balance in comfort through chemistry.

Peak Comfort

Like sleeping on a cloud, Allay™ Next is soft and comfortable.

Superior Support

Allay™ offers uncompromising deep support to match your body type.

Cooler Through Chemistry

A cooler night’s sleep due to the best airflow of Allay™ Next.


Allay™ Next has incredible comfort factor married with deep support. While it starts soft, added weight causes Allay™ to firm up providing a better balance of support and comfort.


Allay™ Next is designed to be breathable with the best airflow. This innovative chemistry allows all the best aspects of a foam bed while keeping you cool all night.


  • Color: Purple Swirl
  • Density (lbs./cu. ft.): 3.0 +/- 0.30
  • IFD @25% (lbs. / 50 sq. in.): 12.0 +/- 1.5
  • Elongation: > 150%
  • Tear Resistance (lbs/sq. in.): > 1.0
  • Tensile Strength (lbs/sq. in): > 9.0
  • Compression Set (@90% comp.): < 10%
  • Support Factor : > 2.4
  • Air Flow: > 10
  • Tg: 50 ℉

Let's Work Together

The most innovative products come from the most innovative people - and for over 55 years our team has been propelled by curiosity and a steadfast dedication to inventing and creating the best foam formulations for our customers.