Bed In A Box Mattress

Our retail division knows that today’s consumer simply wants a good night’s sleep, so they can be their best tomorrow. So whether preference leans towards the traditional feel of memory foam or if a more resilient surface feel is preferred, we have the mattress for you. All of our foams are made in the US and feature CertiPur-US foams.


Available in 10, 12 and 14” models.  With all of our memory foam beds, we deliver the pressure point reduction your body needs for a restful night of sleep.  No tossing and turning on our beds!  All of our mattresses come compressed and packed in sturdy boxes so they can be shipped directly to the home.

We have traditional memory foam beds and gel infused memory foam beds.  The gel is infused into the foam to give a cooler sleep.

We even have beds that include activated carbon in the foam to increase the freshness of our mattress, while still providing the wonderful pressure relieving benefits of memory foam.


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The most innovative products come from the most innovative people - and for over 55 years our team has been propelled by curiosity and a steadfast dedication to inventing and creating the best foam formulations for our customers.