Residential Carpet Cushion

Our premium carpet cushion provides insulation, sound dampening and superior comfort for your home. And with available Moisture Barrier technology, you can protect against pet odors and spills while preventing lingering smells and making clean-up easier.


Designed with your lifestyle in mind, our range of high-quality carpet cushion provides a comfortable walk underfoot, dampens sound for a quieter home, acts as insulation and is resilient for years of use. 100% recyclable and certified as CRI Green Label Plus, you can be sure you’re choosing the best material for your home and family.


As a leading producer of memory foam, we’ve taken our experience and created a line of carpet cushion that provides superior comfort and pressure relief all while maintaining its structure and enhancing the life of your new carpet. Manufactured from 90% recycled materials, LEED and CRI Green Label Plus certified and 100% recyclable after use, our memory foam carpet cushion, like all of our re-bonded cushion, is better for the environment and perfect for your home.


Our one-of-a-kind prime cushion offers superior comfort and luxurious feel underfoot without sacrificing the durability you need. It has a double-sided moisture barrier and is crafted with 100% recyclable material, LEED and CRI Green Label Certified and designed for maximum insulation to reduce energy costs and absorb sound.

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