Allay is more than a new product. It’s a whole new way of thinking about mattresses and consumer tastes. Choose your base foam. Choose your firmness and density. Then infuse thermal conductors, natural oils and essences at the comfort layer to create unique “foam cocktails” for any customer mattress need—all at a high value to your customer.

Allay’s Benefits

  • Allay delivers new and exciting mattress options for your customers
  • Allay is both unique and uniquely yours.
  • Allay presents a strong margin opportunity for your business.

Powered by Forma
Our proprietary and exclusive Forma process takes mattress mixology to a new
level by creating custom-infused mattresses in smaller batches. Forma efficiently
delivers unique foam cocktails deploying controlled production, tight tolerances
and unparalleled quality.

Thirst For Metal
People have long enjoyed the benefits of essences and essential oils. But as consumers
seek greater comfort, freshness, heat regulation, relaxation and healthy lifestyles,
they’ve developed an increasingly strong craving for clothing, accessories and
household products that contain copper, platinum and other precious metals. Allay
meets that consumer demand by infusing these elements into mattress cocktails more
efficiently—and more tastefully—than ever before.

Let's Work Together

The most innovative products come from the most innovative people - and for over 55 years our team has been propelled by curiosity and a steadfast dedication to inventing and creating the best foam formulations for our customers.