Allay Next

Once upon a time there were three bears...of course everyone knows the Goldilocks dilemma, comfort in bedding is a balancing act. With Allay Next™ we feel we got it “Just Right”. Allay offers amazing comfort with a soft, plush feel, and exceptional comfort that comes without compromising support. Allay’s unique chemistry starts plush and firms up to match your body type. Even the most comfortable bed can get too hot to sleep. Allay Next™ has that solved too. Allay was designed to allow maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Again, that is a balance in comfort through chemistry.

Peak Comfort

Like sleeping on a cloud, Allay Next™ is soft and comfortable.

Superior Support

Allay offers uncompromising deep support to match your body type.

Cooler Through Chemistry

A cooler night’s sleep due to the best airflow of Allay Next™.


Allay Next™ has incredible comfort factor married with deep support. While it starts soft, added weight causes Allay to firm up providing a better balance of support and comfort.


Allay Next™ is designed to be breathable with the best airflow. This innovative chemistry allows all the best aspects of a foam bed while keeping you cool all night.


  • Color: Purple Swirl
  • Density (lbs./cu. ft.): 3.0 +/- 0.30
  • IFD @25% (lbs. / 50 sq. in.): 12.0 +/- 1.5
  • Elongation: > 150%
  • Tear Resistance (lbs/lin. in.): > 1.0
  • Tensile Strength (lbs/lin. in): > 1.0
  • Compression Set (@90% comp.): < 10%
  • Support Factor : > 2.4
  • Air Flow: > 10
  • Tg: 50 ℉

Let's Work Together

The most innovative products come from the most innovative people - and for over 55 years our team has been propelled by curiosity and a steadfast dedication to inventing and creating the best foam formulations for our customers.